7 Signs Its Time to Let Go… of that Lingerie.


Sometimes it’s really hard to let go; of relationships, memories, and even items. Lingerie is no exception to this rule. In fact, most people hold on to their lingerie far longer than they should. For some people it’s the memories attached to it, for others it’s the fear of having to dive back into the shopping mode that is needed when buying lingerie in Canada.

There is also an increasing number of people who simply don’t realize it, which isn’t too great as it can quite easily turn into a health issue. Here are 7 signs that it is time to let go of your old lingerie and buy lingerie online in Canada.


The band is weak. If the band of your bra or panties are now visibly weak from wear and tear it is a great give away that it is time to make a switch.

Stains that won’t come off. Those pesky stains may seem like an everyday issue and almost something you are so used to seeing it doesn’t really register anymore. Well, I’m here to tell you that those stains are a big give away that change needs to happen ASAP. For future care, soak your lingerie right after using to help the stain lift before it seeps into the material.

It doesn’t fit anymore. While this could be for several reasons, wearing lingerie that is either too big or small is not a good option. Sizing is not a suggestion but a guide. Lingerie that is too tight can also cause UTI’s in the lower region and chest pain in the bust region.

It is ripped. No matter how recent your lingerie was bought a rip is a segue to further damage. Toss it!

It doesn’t feel the way it used to. Sometimes we cannot tell if an item doesn’t size us anymore by simply taking a look at it. this is where intuition comes in, if something feels off, there is likely something off. Its either not the right size anymore or the material as waned from old age.


How many of these have you ignored, don’t worry I won’t tell. Haha!

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