A Woman’s Underwear and Her Hygiene

As women, the way we handle our pants and underwear generally tells a lot about us. It says if we are neat, dirty, smelly or clean down there. While lingerie and underwear are supposed to be personal items, they deserve as much attention as the outdoor clothes too. The way we take care of our pants and our choice of lingerie has an impact on personal hygiene.

The word ‘hygiene’ means the degree or length a person is willing to go to keep their body and environment neat in other to prevent diseases or infection.

Below are clean and straightforward ways to keep your lingerie neat and smelling fresh.

Wash Regularly

As a lady or a woman, your panties are always close to your body and so need to be kept as clean as possible. Look for detergents that are not harsh, rinse properly and airdry to ensure that your underwear is completely clean before using.

Don’t Wear the Same Lingerie Twice

As much as possible, avoid wear the same set of lingerie multiple times. Lingerie, especially pants and thongs, need to be kept in the best hygienic conditions and making sure that they are clean at the time of use ensures that you always stay healthy.

Put Under Heat

After washing your lingerie, it’s advisable to expose them to heat to kill bacteria and germs your regular soup can’t handle. Especially for materials like cotton and nylon. Heat could be sunlight or a pressing iron. When using the iron on nylon or silk, let the temperature be mild in order for you not to destroy your lingerie.


Another clean way to handle your lingerie is to disinfect while washing. You can disinfect with mild, not harsh disinfectant. Please, be sure first you don’t get a reaction to the disinfectant. This method is essential especially for people who do not heat dry; and an effective way to deal with bacteria. It’s advisable to soak in warm water and disinfectant for about 30 minutes before you wash.

Change Your Lingerie At Least Once A Year

Most women are not aware their pants have expiry dates; they wear the same set of underwear year in year out. It might sound a bit extravagant, but it’s more comfortable to be neat and in good health than go spend much more money visiting the doctor. Whenever you notice holes, threading and other signs of wear, this indicates that your underwear are due for change.

Wear Lingerie That Are Not Tight:

It is important to feel comfortable all day long in your clothes and underwear. Practice wearing lingerie that allows air down there. Lingerie like the thong, babydoll pajamas or the bodysuit lingerie are all excellent examples of an air-friendly undergarment.

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