The Different Kinds of Lingerie

Not all lingerie pieces are created equal. Some are meant to be worn everyday, some are sophisticated and classy and a few are just straight trashy, meant only for seduction in the bedroom. “Trashy” lingerie is more for special occasions when you want to get dirty and wild in the bedroom. Everyday lingerie pieces are ones that are best worn everyday under clothes, while classy pieces are for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Special occasion lingerie pieces are sensual and dictate the mood with a beautiful lace and panty set to go with the chocolate and roses you get. But for nights when you want to get crazy, things like crotch-less panties or a body suit will do the trick! For something in between, a sultry teddy will definitely get things going in the bedroom!

Lingerie is not only supposed to look good, but also set the mood, such as seductive, crazy, sensual, sultry and, of course, sexy. But that mood is a two-way street with the mood a woman wants to set and what type of mood she wants her partner to experience. No matter what mood you want to set, there are fine lingerie pieces to set the mood!

Corsets or bustiers are great if you want to do fetish, erotic or BDSM role-playing in the bedroom. They are sexy lingerie pieces that tighten a woman’s mid section and can accentuate her bosom. It either ties or hooks in the back or front and can be worn under clothes are even as a sexy top for a special night out! They can work for sensual and romantic nights for kinky and wild bedroom romps!

Bra and panty sets are the most common types of lingerie and can be used for any type of occasion depending on the fabric, style and color. Although you’d categorize them as everyday lingerie, a set with crotch-less-panties could also work for a trashy night with your partner.

For something more sophisticated, you can opt for baby doll nighties that also double as a sensual nightgown. They’re usually loose fitting and come in various colors and fabrics. These are great options for women still getting comfortable with wearing sexy lingerie.

Bodysuit lingerie can work for any special night and all depends on the style. There are more modest one-pieces available for romantic romps and see through sexy bodysuits for extra trashy nights!

So when figuring out what sort of lingerie pieces you want, it’s wise to think about the occasion you’ll be wearing it for!

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